Love Triangle

Our Love Triangle combines proven Air-Pulse Technology with deep vibrations and a smooth silicone head. Its practical cap ensures hygienic and discreet storage at all times, even on the go.  Compatible with the free Satisfyer App...

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Our Love Triangle combines proven Air-Pulse Technology with deep vibrations and a smooth... more
Product information "Love Triangle"

Our Love Triangle combines proven Air-Pulse Technology with deep vibrations and a smooth silicone head. Its practical cap ensures hygienic and discreet storage at all times, even on the go. 

SAT_Feature-Icons_32-5mm-49 Compatible with the free Satisfyer App - Available on iOS and Android
SAT_Feature-Icons_32-5mm-09 Simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris using pressure waves and vibrations

Thanks to its waterproof (IPX7) finish, this toy can be used safely in water and is easy to clean


15-year guarantee 2 super-strong Power Motors
Can also be used without the app App offers an unending range of programmes
11 pressure wave intensities + 10 vibration settings Whisper mode
Magnetic USB charging cable included Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Easy to clean Waterproof (IPX7) 
Body-friendly silicone



The Satisfyer Love Triangle: Stylish, modern, orgasmically exciting

The Satisfyer Love Triangle is a handy clit vibrator with a sophisticated design, which gently wraps itself around your clitoris with its soft head and catapults you to climaxes like never before with its sensual combination of pressure waves and vibrations. You’re completely free to choose where and how you want to experience pleasure because this little gem is waterproof (IPX7) so it can be used in or out of the water. The delicate silicone is extremely slippery and can be cleaned easily after use with lukewarm water, soap or a sexual wellness device cleaner. If your little friend starts to slow down, you can recharge the lithium-ion battery quickly in an environmentally friendly way with the included USB magnetic charging cable.

How does the Satisfyer Connect App work?

This vibrator not only allows you to choose between predefined intensity combinations of pressure waves and vibrations, you can also make your own creations with the innovative app control. Just download the free Satisfyer Connect App to your Android or iOS device and connect your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch via Bluetooth or internet to your little pleaser.

Create your own vibrations and share them with other users all over the world. Experience vibrations to the rhythm of your favorite playlist on Spotify with your Satisfyer Love Triangle – there are no limits to your creativity with this remote control app. You can also let your partner take control or control another user's Satisfyer using the video chat function in the app. Enjoy adventures like never before and venture into the completely new, digital world of the Satisfyer Connect App. It goes without saying that the app is GDPR-compliant and meets all German and European data protection regulations. So you can be free and take your love life to a new level. What are you waiting for? Hours of tingling pleasure await you!


Due to the Air Pulse Chamber this product might not be suitable for clitorises that become enlarged due to hormonal treatments - our Multitoys and Finger Vibrators offer the most diverse range of use cases and might be interesting for you to check out. 


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Properties "Love Triangle"
Material: ABS plastic, Silicone
Compatible with the Satisfyer Connect app: Yes
Width: 2.65″, 67.5 mm
Height: 1.25″, 31.8 mm
Weight: 4.1 oz, 115.5 g
Length: 3.4″, 87.55 mm
Suitable for: Woman
Stimulation: Clitoral
With vibration: Yes
With pressure waves: Yes
Battery: Akku
Color: Black, White
Waterproof: Yes
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Jul 27, 2021

Mind blown

I have tried several toys in the past that just never did it for me. I became frustrated thinking maybe it was just me and toys just weren’t for me. Until this. This is by far, hands down, the best toy ever made! In my opinion of course.

Jun 4, 2021

Love it! My new favorite toy! I absolutely swear by satisfyer products, every toy I've tried from them is better then theast

Mar 28, 2021

Frustrated and sore - this didn't pleasure me at all.

Hate it - did nothing for me. I'm not sure if maybe my clitoris is too small for this to do its magic or what, but it was just another vibrator - nothing special like I thought it would be. It doesn't have a suction of any kind - just vibrates on different sequences. I ended up making myself sore/bruised trying to hard to get this to be pleasurable. I thought I wasn't positioning it right, so I just kept moving it, changing my own position, etc - and achieved zero results, just frustration and soreness.

It's also annoying to hold because no matter how you do handle it while using it, you manage to hit one of the buttons on the device - I accidentally turned it off several times.

The app is a neat idea, though - which is one of the main reasons I purchased this. My relationship with my boyfriend is long distance at the moment, I wanted to have some extra fun during playtime and I thought this would be a great idea for us. But again, aside from the toy not actually doing anything for me, I'd hit a button while we were trying to experiment with it together, him controlling it through the app, and it would disconnect - so I would have to reconnect and try again. Very annoying! Wasted money for me :(

Admin Apr 1, 2021

Hi! Thanks for your feedback! We’re sorry that you weren’t satisfied with our Love Triangle. Please keep in mind that our product needs to be charged before the first use. The first charging can in exceptional cases take up to 3.5 hours. The operating panel will light up after the device has finished charging. 

Our customers all have different preferences that of course might differ from each other. In our experience, our customers are satisfied with the effectiveness of our products, which can be seen from our many positive reviews. We hope that you will find a product better suited to you with your next order!

Mar 26, 2021

Oh boy...

I am truly blown away. I can finish 3 times in half the time it took me to finish with my traditional vibe that cost $67 (on sale). I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good time. Hide it from your gf or it will become hers!

Jan 10, 2021

I wasn't expecting this powerhouse

Holy... WOW! first, I love that this has a warranty. Second, I really wasn't sure if I wanted this thing. I really never got any vibrators that weren't those big bulky plug-in-the-wall "mic night" vibrators lol. But wow, this is so slim, easy to hold onto, easy to use, and the rocker of my world. When I say I wasn't expecting anything fantastic, just something to help speed up and limit the old 'hand-do', I mean to tell you have blown away I was. *Embarrassing!* I turned this on and went to try it out the first night and I'm pretty sure I went from mediocre arousal to orgasm literally in under a minute. Holy. Sh! T. I love that I can use this with either air pulse or vibration or both too! And the app, that took me a little bit to figure out but love that you can use this along with music (highly recommend Boneless by Steve aoki) and you can also adjust the power it has for each song too. Pretty amazing little gadget in all.... I'm addicted to it now lol

Dec 25, 2020

Blows away the competition

Okay so I'll be real, I've been a hardcore womanizer fan since their product gave me my first orgasm. However, as they have "changed their toy for the market" I've been disappointed, its always been unwieldy and not travel friendly and it just kept seeming to get more and more of the same. I was not expecting to be such a huge fan of the satisfier traveler, and only bought it because I was traveling a lot at the time and did not expect to use it more than my womanizer or melt whenever I was home! NOW, THIS TINY BABY IS AMAZING
I love the shape, the intuitiveness of the design, the app is pretty amazing for just being released. I was *confession* holding up a vibrator to the traveler to get the dual sensations before I got the love triangle. I love that the low is low and the high is really high so I don't need to switch toys at all.
Really couldn't be a better toy.
Thank you for all the work the satisfyer team does.

Dec 11, 2020

Tiny and powerful

I love the duel motors. They are both very strong and get the job done without max power. The app is so much fun. The only issue I have with the app is it doesn't run in the background. If I want to watch a video the app stops and the Love Triangle stops moving. It would be great to set up a program and have it run while I'm using my phone to visual entertain myself. Once that is fixed the app will be perfect.

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